Parish Nurses

Parish Nurse Ministry Parish nursing is a ministry of health promotion and disease prevention based on the care of the entire person, physical and spiritual. Parish nurses integrate faith and health, educate people about health, serve as personal health counselors and referral agents, train volunteers, develop support groups and advocate for health. They do not engage in traditional “medical” roles like administering medical treatments.

Parish nurses at Amazing Grace engage in a number of important ministries. They regularly hold blood pressure checks along with time for health consultation. They serve as visitation partners for the pastor when visiting someone in the hospital or at home. They help guide and advise people as they navigate the maze of medical treatment and caring for loved ones who are ill. They educate, encourage, console, listen, and pray with people. They provide leadership in the community and to other parish nursing colleagues around the country. To contact a parish nurse, please e-mail the church office and your message will be forwarded to them. You can learn more about parish nursing at the International Parish Nurse Resource Center online.