Fundraising Events

Summer 2017 Youth Trip to Nome, Alaska

We are planning to travel to Nome, Alaska at the end of June 2017 to help get Salmon Lake Bible Camp ready for camp by building new bunk beds and insulating some of the buildings. We are so excited for this opportunity! Please keep us in your prayers!

Graceful Grounds Coffee Shop

Available every Sunday in the Youth Room between services.

16 oz. espresso drinks      –      $3

Come buy lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and other delicious espresso drinks!

All coffees made by the youth and the proceeds help the youth during their yearly summer trip!

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

We had an AWESOME night and we thank you for contributing $415 to our journey!

Easter Breakfast 

Thank you for your contributions of $1,920 to our journey! And thank you to all the families and youth that worked so hard!



If you’d like to read a little synopsis of what we did last year in Montezuma Creek, Utah, click here.